Rebecca Shumway

Dr. Rebecca Shumway received her PhD in African History from Emory University in 2004. She is a specialist in the history of precolonial West Africa and the Atlantic world and has taught African history courses at Georgetown University, Carnegie Mellon University, the University of Pittsburgh, Minnesota State University-Mankato, Appalachian State University and Colorado State University.

Dr. Shumway’s first book, The Fante and the Transatlantic Slave Trade (Rochester 2011) examines the history of the Fante society of coastal Ghana during the eighteenth century. By connecting the local history of Fante towns, particularly Anomabo, with events and processes of change taking place on a broader Atlantic scale, the book presents a history of the slave trade from an African point of view. In 2012, the book was selected as a finalist for the African Studies Association’s distinguished Herskovits Book Prize, which honors the best book on Africa published in the previous year in the fields of History, Political Science, Art History, Anthropology and Literature.

Dr. Shumway is currently working on a new book project that examines the evolution of anti-racist intellectual discourse and Black identity on the Gold Coast in the nineteenth century.